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Our Home Health Nurses Specialized in Infusion Therapy

Rosary Home Health nurses are certified infusion therapy practitioners—many of whom have prior hospital nursing experience—who will help make your home treatment as simple and smooth as possible. If your treatment can be self-administered, they will train you or your caretaker in proper IV site maintenance, as well as give instructions on how to use a catheter and infusion pump.

Because we prioritize patient care, our goal will always be to provide comprehensive, compassionate home health solutions throughout the course of your home infusion therapy. This means that your home health nurse will be in constant communication with your care provider, insurance, and pharmacists to ensure that your treatment needs are met.

Access us any time, with all your questions and concerns

While providing treatment, our home health nurse can answer any questions you may have about your medication type or dosage, treatment frequencies, side effects, and provide ongoing care needs. Should you have questions during a time when your home health nurse is not present, you can call our 24/7 hotline to get answers from medically trained staff. Call 832.612.3500 any time, day or night, with questions or concerns.

In the event of a medical emergency, always call 911.

We have a highly skilled team of professional nurses. Rosary Home Health exclusively uses Registered Nurses for IV infusion therapy, and our on call nurse is available 24/7 

Frequently Asked Questions


Our unique 4-Step Organized Steps of Operation



The first thing we do when we receive a referral is to immediately make contact with the pharmacy company to acknowledge that referral has been received. Then the verification process begins. We will continue to communicate with the pharmacy company directly and in accordance to their policy/expectation


Our intake coordinator then starts the process of verifying the insurance information and analyzing the amount of coverage the patient has. Once all the Pre-Admission steps are complete, the intake coordinator contacts the patient and the RN to facilitate the scheduling of the skilled visit


Once the ETA [Estimated Time of Arrival] of the medication is confirmed, then the patient is contacted and the SOC will be scheduled and performed. We provide a completed reviewed and reconciled medication list within 48-72 hours of SOC. We also immediately notify the pharmacy/MD of all abnormal assessment.


At the end of the patients’ infusion therapy; our agency will coordinate with the pharmacy/MD to decide what the next phase of care is, to provide a smooth transition. For example; the decision may be to remove the PICC line and end services or end infusion service with PICC line removal but continue to provide other services to the patient.
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